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Need Construction Consulting?

  • Dispute Mitigation

    Construction Conflict Management

    Autry believes that construction disagreements should not inhibit a project’s progress. We are committed to finding alternative solutions to the formal claims process, and strive to avoid counterproductive litigation. We prefer to evaluate situations as early as possible in order to achieve this goal, but we’re prepared to intervene at any point.

    Autry performs dispute resolution for residential renovations and commercial contracts. Our team of neutral experts start with unbiased assessments of existing documents to ensure compliance on behalf of all parties. We also analyze applicable codes to identify potential statutory barriers. Once we discover the underlying issues, we’re able to move forward with the negotiations and create a workable compromise.

  • Project Rescue

    A few kinks in your project doesn't mean a lost cause; never abandon a home renovation or commercial building enterprise without a thorough appraisal. The Autry rescue consultants help troubled projects realize their full potential. Our highly trained consultants will assess the situation through document examination, performance reviews, budget projections, resource allocation, and job site inspection. We will also consider safety violations and solicit client input.

    Autry analyzes the available data and makes recommendations for moving forward. We will present a detailed recovery plan that addresses scheduling, subcontracting, equipment utilization, environmental concerns, funding, billing, and on-site supervision. Of course, our calculations may indicate that the risks of continuation outweigh the benefits. We do not endorse ineffective strategies; in the event that a project is no longer viable, we will suggest dissolution. Rest assured that we view termination as the last available option.

    CPM Project Management

    Critical Path Method is a calculation that determines which components are vital to project completion. CPM plays an important role in salvaging an operation. The Autry team will examine the previous CPM and make adjustments according to the current conditions. The updates will reflect new arrangements along with modified time frames.

  • Architects & Engineers

    Autry is committed to making your project a success. We recognize that we have to work for our reputation with each and every client, part of that is to provide both pre and post-construction support services to Architects and Engineers to assist them in providing their clients with a service that will enhance their reputation.

    During the Pre-Construction phase we provide the following support services:

    • Cost Benefit Analysis
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Cost Planning
    • Value Engineering
    • CPM Scheduling
    • Bid Documentation and Preparation
    • Bid Analysis
    • Permit Procurement and Expediting

    During the Construction phase we provide the following support services:

    • Cost Control
    • Monthly project reports
    • Change order management
    • Agreement of contractor monthly payment applications
    • Photographic reports
    • Contractors’ final contract amount agreement
    • Claims mitigation
    • Support in the defense against claims
    • Counter-claim analysis and preparation
    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Errors and Omissions Exposure Evaluation
    • Accounting reports
  • Government Contracts

    Government contracting companies often make promises they cannot fulfill. The government consulting and public works department at Autry understands the intricacies of obtaining these lucrative, complex projects. We help prime and subcontractors navigate through all of the necessary procedures, including proper registration and certification with the proper agencies, bid and performance bonds, prevailing wages, workers compensation, bidding preferences, competitive estimating and precision forecasting, mandatory bid walks, Contracting Officer relations, local participation requirements, bid protest, mandatory addendum compliance, and RFP & RFQ proposal compliance. Autry's staff consists of several highly qualified team members capable of assisting clients with all levels of experience in the field. Whether you need proposal writing services, project research, or want to add a dedicated government contracting division within your firm, Autry will lead the way towards a more profitable future.
  • Prime & Sub Contractor Screening

    Contractor background screening may not sound very important, but many home renovations and commercial construction projects derail as a result of inadequate selection. Autry Consulting maintains relationships with a large pool of pre-screened fully licensed contractors and subcontractors. We perform extensive background checks on each individual in our network and our database serves as the basis for the competitive bidding process. We pick several of the most qualified applicants, and give them the opportunity to submit prices along with time estimates for our review. We use these facts to quickly calculate a multitude of relevant factors, such as past performance, references, expertise, and costs, in order to make the best possible choice.

  • Legal Support

    In addition to our construction dispute resolution services, Autry helps owners and contractors with a wide variety of construction legal matters. Our Legal Dept supplies professional advice along with contract review, claims filing, document management, bid protest, change orders, and teaming arrangements. Construction Legal Services & Support for Attorneys Autry provides expert witness testimony in all areas of construction, including claims for delays, defects, negligence, and breach of contract. We also aid attorneys with limited experience in the areas of construction regulations, construction cost analysis, bonding and licensing, insurance issues, and sub-contracting by providing a fast refresher course in these important subjects.
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